Be Master On Your Career Ladder

Gamification series brings spectrum of unique questions to assess your current knowledge on Career Planning , Confidence Building , Decision Making , Examination Practicing around High Stake Examinations in World 365 days a year

We Design , Build and Assess ,A Career You Always Envisage


Often Aspirants are not having enough interest to appear an Examination which they themselves appearing as they do NOT HAVE any Clarity on career option associated with other Examinations.

Tradition ?

Traditional Evaluation Practices Either Verbal Interviews ( Quiz ) Or Non-verbal Or Written Tests ( In Paper ). No access computers , laptops and digital infrastructure.

Awareness ?

Does Candidate Have Enough Awareness ? Are You aware about spectrum of high value examinations conducted around the world ?

Pressure ?

Grueling mental pressure to appear certain general National examination like JEE / NEET at any cost of health with fatigues and melancholy leading to loss of life post declaration of result.

Experience Digital in Educational , Professional and Global Assessment Services

Are you in Trap of ITAP ?

We Empower the NEW MILLENIA of students of age group 15 to 25.

Our catalogue of tests includes customized MCQ for STEM based courses (P,C,M,B and CT) contents.

We Belive

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

Beat the Virus - Assess your Syllabus,

We do it make especially possible for you from PRACTICE to SUCCESS through upcoming series


We have been solving some of the most significant business challenges to help customers transform their physical education conent to Digital in vernacular or regional languwages


Builds digital assets to better serve customers and operate the educational business where it’s a journey along client busniness and improve it.


To connect, collaborate and co-create we offer contents for STEM bases courses. To be the one stop solutions provider for all kinds of assessment services to K-12 cohort

Digital Infrastructure Service Provider

Curative Content Writing , Career Planning – High Stake Examinations , US Common Core Standard – K12 Assessment Design , STEM e-Learning , Translation ,Transcription
, Digitization, Proof Reading, Hybrid and Native Application Development ,SaaS.